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I am a talented drummer and dancer with an impressive history of performances in many countries. My name is Michael Kwabena Domfeh. I was born in the year of 1979 at Cape Coast in Ghana. I have been performing since his childhood with School and dancing and drama group.


I join some of the local group. Together they toured Ghana, and I chose to continue my schooling at Cape Coast . While still attending school I manna started exploring dancing and acting

ged to continue dancing and touring in the neighbouring West African countries with the school dancing and drama group


In 1989 I was admitted in Twerammpon Traditionals Group. Twerammpon Traditionals is one of the best traditional dancing and drumming group in the West Africa. There have win a lot of awards. The following years offered mostly hard work rehearsing at the theatre, but also many good experiences with performances, workshops and tours to  several other countries.

In 1996 came I to Denmark with Twerammpon Traditionals Group for Three months toured for Images of Africa and some other festivals and Carnivals like Aalborg carnival and there are the first African group to win the Aalborg carnival


Since 1999 the energetic and ambitious dancer has lived in Denmark, which could seem like an odd place to settle. Europe can be a bit of a struggle, but after initially concentrating on the Danish language and culture I have also found time to study and train new dances.


Many people seem to think African dancing are all the same, but the variations, differences and details are very important to me. "Dancing and sharing the physical freedom of expression is the best way I know to share the knowledge of my culture. As one of the lead dancers, I took part in the most ambitious African show staged in Denmark till date. 20 dancers and drummers from "The United African Ballet of Denmark" opened with a highly praised two-hour show in 1999 and 2003.



Today I had attached to various dance groups and constantly involves my self in new projects: "It simply brings me joy to offer the audience a chance to share and learn about meanings and feelings of African culture through the drumming and dancing. I love dancing.


1999 - 2003

The groups I have been playing or dancing with in Denmark

Agoro band ,The United African Ballet of Denmark (Calabash Dancers)(Kante Dance Company)(Titambe Dance Company).


2003 - 

I have part of following groups in Denmark: Global Dance mix, Edikanfo , Safrico , Djembe skole, Vimoroz and some others.


Some of the place

I have been teaching at Espergærde skole, Rytmisk Aftenskole, Lirum Larum, musikaften skolen i Roskilde,Snoghøj Højskole og Vestjyllands Højskole, Verdensmusikskolen Brøndby Kommunale Musikskole and some other places.